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 Business without borders


 Professional Testing & Consulting Ltd. (The UK Headquarter) is a global player with  major manufacturers,  importers and retailers around the world, providing consumer  product testing, consulting,  training, analysis and inspection services.

 The company has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of testing,  helping our clients around the world meet their needs and fulfill their aspirations.

 We apply our capabilities to a wide range of sectors, including toys,

 juvenile, chemical, electrical and electronics, microbiological, environmental, materials,  hardlines and softlines. Our ongoing investment in the latest technologies is supported  by our expert knowledge and world renowned team.



 Our expertise is in your industry


 Professional Testing & Consulting Ltd. is exposed to a wide variety of sectors and the  subsequent interaction with our clients ensures that we are at the cutting edge of new  technologies and ideas. We are there to help and support our clients in the best possible  manner.

 Over the years, we have built a reputation for quality of service, and believe that we can  not be beaten on either.

 Our experience and expertise in a broad range of applications allows us to consistently  meet clients’ needs. Together we can deliver the advantage that our clients need to stay  ahead in today’s competitive environment.



 Customer Orientation


 Our clients and other business partners are essential to our mutual success.
 Our commitment is to communicate mutual intentions and expectations and work as a  team with respect and trust for each other

 We have the experience and technical expertise to offer our clients a complete 'end to  end' solution. With a single point of contact for all services, we guarantee to provide  maximum value at minimum cost.

 By doing so our clients are assured of our ongoing committment and support.



 Our Networks


 We get much support from our association with the following organizations:

 » European Commission (EUROPA)

 » The UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI, UK

 » U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (U.S. CPSC)

 » American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)


 From the support of these organizations, we are committed to providing reliable,  defensible test results so that we can meet even more of our clients’ needs.



 The ideal solution for your business


 With uncompromising integrity and professionalism, Professional Testing & Consulting  Ltd. is the ideal solution for your business.







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