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Directive concerning the Safety of Toys – 88/378/EEC – EU Directive concerning the safety of toys


To comply with the essential requirements of the Directive for Toys – 88/378/EEC, toys shall comply with the applicable parts of the following safety standards:   


EN 71-1:2005 + A6:2008 Safety of Toys, Mechanical and Physical         Properties

EN 71-2:2006 + A1:2007 Safety of Toys, Flammability

EN 71-3:1994 + A1:2000 + AC:2002 Safety of Toys, Migration of Certain Elements

EN 71-4:1990 + A1:1998 + A2:2003 + A3:2007 Safety of Toys, Experimental Sets for       Chemistry and Related Activities 

EN 71-5:1993 + A1:2006 Safety of Toys, Chemical Toys (Sets) other than Experimental         Sets

EN 71-6:1994 Graphical Symbols for Age Warning Labelling

EN 71-7:2002 Fingerpaints – Requirements and Test Methods

EN 71-8:2003 + A1:2006 Swings, Slides, and similar Activity Toys for Indoor and Outdoor         Family Domestic Use

EN 71-9:2005 + A1:2007 Organic Chemical Compounds – Requirements

EN 71-10:2005 Organic Chemical Compounds – Sample Preparation and Extraction

EN 71-11:2005 Organic Chemical Compounds – Method of Analysis

EN 62115: 2005 Safety of electrical toys

EN 60825-1:2007  Safety of laser products. Equipment classification and         requirements




Safety of Toys - FAQ


What is the significance of the CE marking – does it mean that the toy is safe?


The CE marking is not a European safety marking or quality symbol intended for consumers and should not be considered as such.  Its purpose is to indicate to enforcement authorities that the toys bearing it are intended for sale in the European Community and signifies a declaration by the manufacturer or his authorised representative that the toys satisfy the essential safety requirements applicable to them and are entitled to access to Community markets.


What happens if a toy which has the CE marking is unsafe?


Day-to-day enforcement of safety legislation, including the toys Regulations, is the responsibility of local authority trading standards officers who have the necessary powers to take action if they believe a product to be unsafe.  They can suspend unsafe products and can prosecute suppliers of unsafe products.


Can a website address be used to fulfil the name and address details which are required to be put on the toy or its packaging?


No.  The name and address details are required to enable consumers or enforcement officers to contact companies.  While an abbreviated address (e.g. name, postcode and city) is acceptable, a website would not because it may not be permanent.


The toy I am intending to import is being imported by a number of importers and has the CE marking - can I rely on that to ensure that my toys are safe?


See the meaning of the CE marking above. Importers are responsible for the safety of the particular batch of toys they are importing.  How they satisfy themselves that the toy is safe is a matter for them though we would advise that they should consider having them tested.






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