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The new ASTM F963-07e1 (former version: ASTM F963-03)


The changes in the new edition of ASTM F963-07e1 cover areas of:

- Acoustics
- Cords,Elastics and Straps
- Flammability
- Hemispheric-Shaped Objects
- Jaw Entrapment
- Folding Mechanisms and Hinges
- Projectiles
- Yo-Yo Elastic Tether Toys
- Magnets

Harmonize the approach with EN71-1 and ISO 8124-1.

Cords, Elastics and Straps
Extend the requirement to cover straps and specify how to use the head probe to test the loop of cords by using a new fixture.

Yo Yo Elastic Tether Toys (New Requirement)
Establish the safety requirements and test method for Yo Yo elastic tether toys that with an end mass greater than 0.02 kg (0.04 lbs).

Jaw Entrapment (New Requirement)
Based on the CPSC recall cases #05-168 and #00-157 to establish the requirement.

Magnets (New Requirement)
Establish the safety requirements and test method for magnets or magnetic components based on the recent incidents of magnet ingestion resulting in serious injury or death.

Include the flammability test procedure for fabrics.

Folding Mechanisms and Hinges
Enlarge the scope of this section such that the requirement is not limited to toys intended to support the weight of a child. Add the requirements for locking mechanisms which are based on ASTM F406 and ASTM F404.

Hemispheric Shaped Objects
Recommend to change to "These requirements apply to toy cup, bowl, or one-half egg-shaped objects having a nearly round, oval, or elliptical opening with the minor and major inner dimensions between 2.5 in. (64mm) and 4.0 in (102mm) and a volume less than 6 oz. (177ml), a depth greater then 0.5 in. (13mm), and intended for children less than 3 years of age." Additional performance option is also added.

Packaging Film
Harmonize with EN71-1 and ISO 8124-1, and "perforated" film to the requirement.

Harmonize with EN71-1 and ISO 8124-1.
Add Rotors and Propellers Requirement.
Add Bows and Arrows Requirement.
Specify requirement of Projectiles with a leading rigid tip or edge.

Labeling - WARNING This product contains (a) small magnet(s). Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if Magnet(s) are swallowed or inhaled.





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